Shocking! – Tata Tiago boot can be accessed from the Number-Plate LED hole

Tata Tiago is observed to have a security breach where boot space lock retainer can be accessed via the number plate LED hole. Someone can easily get access to the car's cabin via the boot space.

Tata Tiago Security issue from the Boot Space

If you are one of the Tata Tiago owners, it can be an eye-opening case for you. Recently, a Tata Tiago user reported his experience on Tiago owners FB group where he found a breach on car’s security.

Tata Tiago Security Breach Found – Cabin Access from the Boot Release!

Tata Tiago Security issue from the Boot Space

On observing his Tiago casually, a user found his Tiago’s number-plate LEDs hanging on the outside. Initially, the user thought that it was due to a small hit. However, in a detailed observation, he found that the condition of the LED was good. The user checked the hole where the LEDs fits in and he found that it leads to a soft sheet of plastic. Further, on checking out space by his hand he ended up reaching the boot release lock retainer. To confirm the same, the user tried to open the boot and shockingly he was successful.

The user has accused this occurrence as a theft attempt. A person can conduct this activity only in case if he knows the car in-depth and he has interacted with the car on a regular basis. The car could not be theft because the engine immobilizer was on. However, it is a big security breach because one can easily access the car and take away the personal belongings.

Tata Tiago is a popular hatchback on sale in India. Tata Motors achieve average monthly sales numbers around 7000 units from the Tata Tiago and Tiago JTP combined. A total of more than 2 lakh Tiago runs on the roads of our country. This security breach affects all these cars on the roads.

Tata Motors has always been customer-centric and the company has promptly worked on the feedback received from the customers. It is expected that Tata Motors will soon initiate a recall to resolve this security breach observed. Meanwhile, the owners of the Tata Tiago should take care of the car and not leave the valuables in the cabin. Moreover, one can find some solution to cover access to the boot release lock retainer.


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