Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Turbo Failure, Turbo Idling

Turbo Failure – Symptoms? Reasons? How to Prevent it?

Emission norms are getting tougher day by day. Moreover, consumers demand both power and efficiency. To meet all the requirements, manufacturers have started producing small capacity turbocharged engines. Turbocharged cars are fun to drive...
start a car in cold weather

How to Start a Car Engine in Cold Ambient Weather?

Many of the car users might not be aware of a cold start condition but it is a very critical part to take care of. Cold start is an attempt to start an engine...
Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving – You MUST learn it! ( Road Safety Tips )

Defensive Driving is a set of tactics which reduces the risk of a collision on the road and aids you immensely to stay safe on roads while driving. Defensive driving tactics outdo the basic...
Renew Car Insurance Addons India

Car Insurance Renewal in India – Must have Add-ons to Consider

Insurance is legally a must-have for a vehicle to run on the roads. For a vehicle, the most basic insurance policy covers the damage to the third party. To insure the damages to your...
how to save money on car maintenance

How to reduce the maintenance/repair cost of a car & Save money!

For the better ownership of a vehicle, preventive maintenance is a critical part to take care of. Most of the modern vehicle owners understand the importance of preventive maintenance. You, as a user, always...