How to reduce the maintenance/repair cost of a car & Save money!

how to save money on car maintenance

For the better ownership of a vehicle, preventive maintenance is a critical part to take care of. Most of the modern vehicle owners understand the importance of preventive maintenance. You, as a user, always try to keep your car in the perfect shape for its optimum performance and reliability. However, your eagerness or ignorance towards the maintenance of your car has a lot of business to do with the service centre(Not all, but the most). We have compiled a guide on “how to reduce the maintenance/repair cost of a car and save money” alongside keeping the car in perfect shape.

How to reduce the maintenance/repair/service cost of a car and save money?

There are two main parts which can potentially reduce the maintenance cost of a car.

1) Extended Warranty –

The first investment that I strongly recommend you is to purchase the extended warranty for the maximum duration. This considerably small investment can save you from all the expenses associated with the unexpected failure of the components, be it expensive or cheap! Moreover, you can consider negotiation and get a discount on the cost of EW as dealers have good margins on the same.

2) Preventive Maintenance –

The second important investment is preventive maintenance. Manufacturers of the vehicles provide their preventive scheduled maintenance in the owners manual of its respective cars.

Here is an example of the same.

How to save money on car maintenance

  1. Whenever you are about to approach a scheduled service, take some time days before and workout on the components that need replacement by learning the user manual provided with cars. List down the parts that the manufacturer recommends replacing for that particular scheduled preventive maintenance.
  2. Whenever you visit the service centre, ask the SA to follow the standard replacements recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Refrain from all the add-on services that your SA would recommend you. Such add-ons include types of washing, types of coatings, door hinge lubrication etc.
  4. Get wheel alignment and balancing from a reliable tyre shop.
  • If your car is out of warranty, get the genuine spares from the authorised spare distributor and consider a friendly neighbourhood garage to get the job done.
  • Consider DIY. Some jobs like changing engine oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin air filter etc. require only a small set of skills, compatible infrastructure and a tool-kit. What’s more interesting? DIY is a real fun!


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