Goodyear Assurance Triplemax Review | An Underrated Tyre!

Goodyear Assurance Triplemax on Ford Freestyle

Goodyear has been in the tyres business for a long time. With its expertise in the domain, Goodyear holds its strong position among the prestigious competitor brands like Michelin, Yokohama, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, MRF etc. The tyre here in the review, Goodyear Assurance Triplemax falls under the economy range of tyres which primarily focuses on providing better fuel economy. Our editor’s garage holds a Ford Freestyle 1.5D Titanium Plus which came along with the Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyres as stock. These eventually allowed the crew members of WheelsGreed to test the tyres extensively.

Goodyear Assurance Triplemax is available in 14″ to 17″ sizes. The Ford Freestyle Titanium Plus comes with 15″ wheels wrapped with 185/60R15 section Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyres. The odometer stands at 20000km while compiling this review and the car has been driven in almost all possible surface conditions such as road/gravel/muck.

Almost 90% of the time, the car has been driven on the tarmac. This includes national highways and rural roads developed/being developed by the state government. On rural visits, the car had to see non-tarmac surfaces made of hard-soil and pebbles but this accounts only 10% of its entire test conditions. Here is the compilation of our performance-test results for different surface and input conditions.

Dry Grip

Till date, none of our crew members has complained about the loss of grip from the tyres. Cruising on six-laned highways at triple-digit speeds or a quick lane manoeuvre is always backed by the exceptional grip levels. Cruising ~900km on a single day in hot summer didn’t cause the tyres any kind of troubles.

On the corners, the tyres never encouraged understeer. Our crew members tested the tyres cornering abilities in a controlled environment by pushing the car to the limits but no one emphasised scary understeer moments. Mind you, the Ford Freestyle has a great suspension setup which helps a lot in such conditions.

As far as braking is concerned, the car always attained halt before the expected point of halt. Although the great brakes do the magic of halting this ~1.1-ton crossover, yet it is the tyres which do all the communications and fights with the surface in question. This Ford Freestyle is our editor Viraj’s daily driver and he has been through many panic braking situation as we know how traffic works in a country like India. Till date, he had countable numbers of situations in single-digit when the ABS had to kick-in and take over the situation which says everything out about the grip level. On that note, these Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyres have left no room for complains/objections.

Wet Grip

The car was purchased in the month of September-2019 and the kind GOD granted the whole monsoon season with rain almost every day. The car being new and the happy monsoon season encouraged each day for a drive. Viraj was eager to finish the break-in period of the new car and he covered ~2500km within 21 days of purchase.

Later, he planned a road trip to Saputara which is a hill station located in Gujarat. The rain was harsh that day leaving the roads completely wet. It was 14:15 when he started the downhill and the traffic was almost nil. Some corners had a wide track and he pushed the car in those corners taking the safety accounts of others as well as him. Viraj claims that he was clearly impressed by the level of grips on offer on such a wet road where a layer of water was sliding off the road. The tyres never hit the point of understeer and obeyed all the inputs from the steering. Although the car was backed by the traction control system the Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyres never had to seek help.

Our crew member Shireesh was super excited to test the Active Rollover Prevention(ARP) which the car came with. On a weekday, he asked the crew members to arrange a free time-space for this special test. We arranged a controlled environment for this special test. Due to the monsoons, the road was wet. Shireesh was behind the wheel and the other crew members were narrating from a safe distance. Shireesh attained the average cruising speed and manoeuvred the steering 90-degree clockwise and 90-degree anticlockwise. He felt the car braking on itself with a noise similar to ABS functioning and saw the traction control light blinking in the instrument cluster. The car didn’t leave its lane. The magic straight from the technology? Hell yeah! But who executed the directives at the ground level? Single-word answer, Tyres! The tyres here in question were the Goodyear Assurance Triplemax.

Viraj faced aquaplaning multiple times on highways. He claims that sometimes, the situations became scary. Although, aquaplaning is evident with almost all cars and driver should be cautious with it. However, Goodyear can work more on their part to enhance the safety aspects.

Initially, Viraj was thinking of swapping the stock tyres with high-performance ones but these tyres performed above our expectations which concludes our impressions on the wet grip.


On this part, these tyres are livable. You won’t be gliding over the potholes. Also, the sidewalls are stiffer. So, if comfort is the prime priority, these tyres won’t let you feel wow.

Road Noise

Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyres basically focus on attaining better fuel economy. For that, it uses a harder ply compound. These tyres definitely generate road noise and we do not admire it. The Ford Freestyle has a well-insulated cabin but still, the noise would creep in if the music system is off. However, Ford’s SYNC-3 music system offers great sound quality and the tyre noise never bothered us till date. However, this experience may differ on the other cars.

Aesthetics –

These tyres do not look premium but you can’t complain about the looks either. They look decent from sides and the tread pattern looks purposeful.

Miscellaneous points – 

  • Till date, a tyre has faced a puncture thanks to a visit of an under-construction site.
  • The car has been exposed to many sudden hit to potholes but none of the tyres suffered from sidewall injuries. Sheer luck probably?!
  • Claiming warranty on tyres is not an easy task but Goodyear offers a 2-year unconditional warranty on its range of tyres. This gesture of providing peace of mind is worth the appreciation. Of course, the warranty on tyres is pro-rata based but this approach sets Goodyear apart from the competitors.

This review was compiled by the collective inputs of WheelsGreed Crew based on their experiences. Ask your queries in the comment section below and we would be more than happy to help you.


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