Ford Endeavour Catches Fire One More Time – Owner Burnt to Death

Ford Endeavour Caught Fire In India

A businessman and builder Mihir Panchal from Vadodara, Gujarat lost his life in a miserable incident. He was travelling in his Ford Endeavour SUV which suddenly caught fire.

Locals reported that when Mihir noticed the fire in the engine, he pulled over the car. During this period, a blast occurred in the car. Soon after the blast, front-end of the car was immersed in flames. The most unfortunate happening was Mihir’s inability to escape the car. Local media report suggests that Mihir was wearing the seatbelt which got jammed and Mihir could not escape the car. Another possible reason can be the burnt wiring harness leading to malfunction the central locking system and the power windows.

Locals promptly informed the police and fire brigade about the incident. However, the place where the incident took place is on the outskirts of Vadodara city. Till the help arrived, it was already late. The cause of the Ford Endeavour catching fire is uncertain and police are investigating the case. The SUV in question over here costs Rs. 40 lakh.

Ford Endeavour Caught Fire In India

Till date, a total of three cases are reported where the Ford Endeavour SUV caught fire. Two of the three cases are reported in India where this case is the second being reported. The first case of an Endeavour catching fire due to uncertain reason was reported in April 2018. Fortunately, both the driver and the passenger were able to escape the car in time. There was no official statement from Ford India regarding to why the Endeavour SUV abruptly caught fire.

Ford Endeavour SUV had caught fire for the first time when it was on test in Australia. Ford had officially issued a statement stating it the only incident.


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