Delhi-NCR May Receive Ban On Non-CNG Vehicles From EPCA

Non-CNG Vehicles Ban Delhi-NCR

A media report suggests that EPCA (Environment Pollution Control Authority) may slap a complete ban on the usage of all the non-CNG vehicles running in the Delhi-NCR region. The ban targets both the private and commercial vehicles. EPCA may impose the ban if the air quality deteriorates more.

The current air quality is fluctuating between very poor and severe category. EPCA chairman is concerned about this condition. Hence, the chairman wrote about to the chief secretary of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. There will be no restriction for the vehicles running on CNG fuel. The chairman also stated that distinguishing between diesel and other fuelled vehicles. In contrast, the CNG vehicles do have stickers on them stating its fuel type as CNG. Also, the public transport vehicles are CNG fuelled which will be allowed to operate.

Last month, EPCA chairman had proposed a complete ban on all the private vehicles commuting in the Delhi-NCR region. This could have left public transport and commercial transport (including Ola, Uber etc) only on the roads of Delhi-NCR. While this time, only non-CNG vehicles are the target.

The supreme court has banned the usage of 15-years old petrol-fuelled vehicles and 10-years old diesel-fuelled vehicles in Delhi-NCR region last month only.


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